Sangam Kala Group – State audition to be held shortly

Sangam Kala Group needs no introduction to the music loving audience. The Group is prominent non-commercial registered cultural group which is engaged in the promotion of Country’s artistic cultural tradition.

The Group owes its existence to the concerted efforts and devotion of young amateur artists dedicated to the cause of cultural promotion. Founded in 1974 by some such enthusiasts, the Group set forth as its main objective the provision of cultural smooth flow of their talents in the form of music.

Towards this direction, the Group started in a humble way by organising plays which had one common theme “the social reform”.
The plays served a dual purpose of not only making the audience think about social reforms but also of bringing to light the amateur talent which normally remains behind the veils
because of lack of opportunities.

In 1977, the Group organised the First All India Light Music Vocal Competition in the memory of the immortal singer Master Madan. Master Madan was the Durbar musician of His Highness the Raja Sahib Bahadur of keonthol State (Simla Hills). The Group organised this competition to spot amateur talent in the Country and bring it out of oblivion, laying special emphasis on discovering singing talent amongst the below fourteen age group.

Renowned Music director & composers from the world of music including radio, television and films have graced the panel of judges to select the best talent. The Group also offers scholarships to educate promising voices in light music.

The group has, therefore, all the reasons to be proud of this pioneering venture Few of the participants are now major singing stars like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, Penaz Masani, Anand Raj Anand, Jaswinder Narula, Toshi and some of the participants, even though, may not have reached the top, get due recognition in the form of shields and trophies, which give them encouragement to further, improve their singing faculty. The Group also offers scholarships to educate promising voices in light music.

To reach every possible nook and corner of the country, the Group has decentralized its activities by having 66 regional chapters. Competitions are organised at the regional level and the more promising talent are brought to the national forum. The task of the Group is a formidable one. Yet its noble cause has provided it with a lot of patronage from persons belonging to all walks of the life.

State audition to be held shortly…
For details contact Mr. Alok Sood 09829150450

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