Wonder Boy – Manan Sood

The cute little boy Manan Sood is an Indian boy, who has became the great celebrity with his extraordinary memory. At the age of four years and five months, he talks about the world geography, per capita income, gross domestic product, politics, economy, and answers questions on various topics with ease while others in his age are learning ABC and nursery rhymes. His marvelous super power of grasping and recalling things amazed one and all.

Manan , a resident of Jaipur district in Rajasthan possesses a sound knowledge about geographical boundaries, outlines and other information related to the subject. He can answer all questions associated with planets and solar system in a few seconds.His analytical powers and incredible ability to remember facts have left everyone so spellbound that the local media has nicknamed this child prodigy living in northern India “Wonder boy.” 

Personal ProfileName: Manan Sood
Famous as: Wonder Boy
Birth place: Jaipur 
Age: 4 Years
School: The Roots Public School
Father name: Mr. Alok Sood

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