Advertising by Vijay, VMW Team


Vijay Mishra

Advertising is the process of a product or service; of trying to sell a product or service by drawing people attention to the product. Advertisement focus on all the good points of the product to make it appear as attractive as possible, so that people are tempted to buy it.
Advertising is a means of communication between the seller and the buyer. Sellers find advertising the best and quickest way to reach the widest section of consumer. Not only do advertisements inform us about the product, they impress, inspire and influence us to go and buy them. Often the success or  failure of a product depends on the effectiveness of the advertising strategy.
Advertising is largely done through the media.

Advertising has become an essential feature of the modern world. But why do we need advertising?
There are several reasons for advertising. The main reasons include
·     Increasing the sales of the product\service
o Giving information about the product\service to prospective buyers
§ Creating and maintaining a brand       identity or brand image
·     Communicating a change in the existing product line to consumers
o Creating awareness among consumers before launching or  introducing a new product or service


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